Sentinel Satellite Acquisition Scheduler

Sentinel Satellite Acquisition Scheduler

Sandholt ApS has developed an easy to use, free-of-charge online tool for obtaining Copernicus Sentinel acquisition schedules.

The service provides all acquisition passes of Sentinel-1 satellites above a user specified position. The tool gives all relevant information about passes (such as image mode, start and end time) and the passes can be imported directly into the users’ calendar of choice. Currently Sentinel-1 is available, Sentinel-2 will be implemented shortly.

The product has been developed within the Managing and Optimizing Irrigation by Satellite Tools project (MOIST), which is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. An important element of MOIST is field campaings involving in situ measurements close to the time when the satellite is acquiring data over the area. By using the scheduler, passes are known 12 to 15 days in advance and allow for comfortable planning of field activites.

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By Sandholt ApS Team

New team members

Kenan Vilic has joined the team at Sandholt ApS as remote sensing scientist as of April 1st 2018. Kenan has a very strong background  in earth observation as developer and IT data manager in operational environments. He has in depth knowledge of the international Space collaboration from participation as Danish representative to various international bodies.

William Hansen was hired as a student assistant  in March 1st 2018. William is enrolled as an engineering student in Physics and Nanotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark.